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Welcome Address
Faraz Sattar, Accretive Wealth Management
Economic Update
Torsten Slok, Apollo

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How do Private Equity firms make money?
Cory Calvert, Apollo
Tom Dharte, BlackRock
What are Secondaries and why invest in them?
Josh Vail, Hamilton Lane
Francesca Adamski, Goldman Sachs
Evergreen Private Equity Funds: Investment & Liquidity
Paul Drury, CNL
Josh Vail, Hamilton Lane
Cory Calvert, Apollo

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How is Real Estate expected to perform in the next 3-5 years? 
Cory Calvert, Apollo
Daniel Oschin, Shopoff
Diversified Real Estate Funds: Investment & Liquidity
David Henry, Oak Street
Kerry Peoples, Sealy & Co.

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Why Invest in Direct Lending? 
Thomas Hennigan, The Carlyle Group
Jeremy Lee, Blue Owl
Muhammad Gazi, Apollo
Mick Solimene, Monroe Capital
Keon Reed, BlackRock
Is Asset Backed Lending and Opportunistic Lending the right approach in current market conditions? 
Jason Friedman, Marathon
Shafiq Taymuree, Stonecrest

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What’s the most optimal Asset Allocation?
Mark Kinnish, BlackRock
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