Building Life Plans, One Client at a Time

Pension Planning

Converting Tax Dollars into Retirement Savings

We take a comprehensive approach when we look at each client’s financial picture. This includes small or mid-sized businesses, which play a very important role in a family’s long-term planning. We’ve been surprised to discover that even families who have taken great care to set up trusts to provide for the next generation are not taking advantage of the many ways that their businesses can contribute toward a comfortable retirement.

Accretive Wealth can help business owners set aside more for retirement while reducing tax liabilities by combining our experience in financial planning and portfolio management with our partner’s 40+ years of experience in pension planning for companies all over the country. We can help you investigate which of these tools would be suitable for your business:


Business owners aren’t limited to using just one or two of those tools—a combination of strategies is likely to provide the greatest benefits. This may include defined benefit pension plans, which can provide annual payouts of more than $200,000 at age 62 and can be employed even by very small companies.

Sometimes overlooked in determining what’s best for an owner is the fact that providing employees with attractive retirement plans is a wonderful way to attract and retain the caliber of employee needed to make a business grow and prosper.

How we help business owners set up the right plan

Our goal is to create plans to increase owners’ retirement savings and decrease current-year tax liabilities. We start the process with a general discussion of the strategies that you would be willing to consider. Then:

  • We gather information about employees, which includes: name, date of birth, date of hire, date of termination, total compensation and number of hours worked.
  • Once we receive the census information, we begin evaluating all options that meet government regulations.
  • Our plan design specialists then create an illustration to show how much the firm would be able to put in retirement plans, how much this would reduce current taxes, and how much the owners and employees would benefit from our plan.
  • Once an owner has selected and approved the plan, we initiate the documents that the owner will review and sign. Once the plan is live, we will make a presentation to all employees.

Looking at a variety of retirement plans, both individual and group, is an integral part of estate planning and one that we never overlook.

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