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Accretive Wealth Management Partners with Aperio Group to Deliver Sharia-Compliant Investment Portfolios

SAN RAMON, CA, June 10, 2013 –Accretive Wealth Management, LLC, a provider of wealth management services tailored to meet clients’ specific needs, today announced a strategic partnership with Aperio Group that enables it to offer separately managed Sharia-compliant portfolios. Until now, many investors who wished to reflect their Islamic values in their investments have had limited options. Accretive Wealth has just broadened those options by working with Aperio Group to establish this new offering.

“We at Accretive Wealth Management put our clients’ interests first,” said Faraz Sattar, CEO and Managing Partner, Accretive Wealth Management. “We knew that some of our clients were interested in Sharia-compliant investments and we wanted to offer them state-of-the-art investment options while adhering to their religious values. Because we have great respect for the job that Aperio Group has done managing separate accounts for other types of socially responsible investing, we partnered with them to serve this niche market.”

Companies included in the Islamic Values portfolio must first pass exclusionary screens to ensure they do not derive 5% or more of their cumulative revenue from the following products, services and activities: alcohol, tobacco, pork-related products, financial services, defense/weapons, gambling/casino, music, hotels, cinema, and adult entertainment. The next screen eliminates companies that derive significant income from interest or that have excessive leverage. For clients who are very risk-averse, additional quality and volatility screens can be added.

“The Islamic Values strategy allows clients to invest in the equity markets without sacrificing their values while achieving index-like returns in a low-cost, tax-efficient manner,” said Patrick Geddes, Aperio’s Chief Investment Officer. “The separately managed account [SMA] structure also allows taxable investors the opportunity to harvest tax losses that can be used to offset gains elsewhere in the portfolio, improving their overall after-tax return. We are pleased to work with Accretive Wealth to offer these SMAs to appropriate clients.”

In addition to Sharia-compliant portfolios, Accretive Wealth also offers its clients a broad array of other investment strategies that target each client’s needs and goals while balancing risk and return.

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Accretive Wealth Management, LLC, offers comprehensive wealth management services that are targeted to meet the unique needs of individuals, families, trusts, small businesses, partnerships, and corporations. Founded in 2012, the firm is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service.

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About Aperio Group

Aperio Group LLC, based in Sausalito, CA, is a pioneer in applying enhanced indexing techniques to socially responsive portfolios. Aperio works with both taxable and tax-exempt investors, providing customized portfolios that track a broad range of US and international indexes.

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