Building Life Plans, One Client at a Time

CFO Services

Managing your finances and investments to make your life easier

We know that your financial life can get very complicated. You have various kinds of assets, work with a number of financial professionals, and have lots of deadlines—and you don’t have the time to handle it all. How do you stay on top of it all? Are you losing money by letting things slip through the cracks?

We have the skills and experience to help you by becoming your family’s CFO. Our CEO, Faraz Sattar, was the chief financial officer of an investment management firm and a trust company, overseeing more than $3.5 billion in assets. He knows how to assess the big picture and pay attention to the small details.

Here’s what our CFO services include:

  •  Helping you understand your financials so you can plan for:
    •  Children’s education
    •  Retirement
    •  Investments
    •  Major purchases
    •  Savings strategy
    •  Charitable giving
  •  Interacting with the other financial professionals in your life—attorneys, accountants, bankers, brokers, investment managers
    •  Organize your finances
    •  Reduce wasted time and money
    •  Lower tax liabilities
  •  Putting together a holistic picture of what you have
    •  See how much you’re spending and what you’re spending it on
    •  Identify where can you save money
    •  Review personal and commercial insurance coverage
    •  Determine what investment strategy is suitable for you
    •  Online access for your other financial professionals is available
  •  Regular meetings and reports
    •  Monthly meetings to review financials and P&L reports
    •  Quarterly meetings to review the performance of your investments and see what changes might be necessary
    •  Meeting with your beneficiaries to prepare them for wealth management
    •  Ad hoc meetings when something comes up that can’t wait

Contact us if you’re interested in seeing how our CFO services can help you monitor, integrate, and get the most out of the assets you’ve worked hard for.