Building Life Plans, One Client at a Time

Retirement Planning

How do you picture your retirement? Let us help you reach your goals.

You have ideas about how you want to live when you retire. In order to make your dreams come true, you have to begin planning for your retirement now. We live longer, healthier lives. The average life expectancy at birth is now 75 years for men and 80 years for women,* and if you’ve made it this far, the odds are that you’ll live longer than that.

The secret to a successful retirement lies in identifying your goals now and figuring out how you can reach them. We work with you to create a life plan designed to turn your dreams into reality.

We start by doing a comprehensive review of your financial situation, looking at the assets you have now and the assets you expect to receive. Then we discuss what your goals are for the future—for yourself, your family, and your business. How much money will you need to meet the obligations you’ve set for yourself without compromising your future?

Once we have a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be when you retire, we’ll discuss strategies that you can follow to increase the chances that you’ll live in comfort in your retirement. We’ll talk with you about realistic savings targets, IRAs and 401(k) plans, pension benefits, long-term care plans, and other options. If we think your estate would benefit from creating trusts or other estate planning tools, we’ll refer you to trusted professionals in our network.

Retirement planning isn’t something you address just once. We will help you balance your current and future needs with long-term goals on an ongoing basis because your life plan has to change along with you and the world.

*Most recent figures from the Social Security Administration, 2007


The following graphs shows the impact of saving in your 401(k) at an early stage in your career to maximize retirement savings.

401(k) Savings Impact After 30 Years

Source: Accretive Wealth and eMoney Advisors