Building Life Plans, One Client at a Time

Risk Management

You want to protect all the things you value, and we can help you do that.

Planning for your future is part of your financial strategy, and managing the risk in your life should be part of that strategy too. A major step in limiting risk in your life is to have a portfolio of tactically selected and diversified investments that is actively managed in response to changes in market conditions and your economic circumstances.

But there are many ways your goals and objectives can be jeopardized. When we work with you to create your life plan, we help you determine the areas of personal risk in your life. Then we suggest steps you should consider to protect what you value—your children, your health, your home, your business, and your legacy.

We can help you decide how much insurance and what type of coverage you need by taking a comprehensive look at your financial picture. This includes an assessment of all of your assets, including real property, businesses, and investments. How much are you willing or able to lose?

You probably already carry auto insurance and renters’ or homeowners’ insurance, and you probably have health insurance. But when should you consider buying insurance for long-term care? Have your protected your business from all the perils it faces? Should you consider life insurance or disability insurance?

Another way to protect your assets is to shield them in various kinds of trusts. Are trusts something you should investigate?

When our discussions indicate that you would benefit from services we cannot provide, we will recommend trusted professionals in our network who can provide them.

Managing the risk in your life is an ongoing process. Your needs change as your life changes, and we will periodically review your situation to see whether you remain protected.