Building Life Plans, One Client at a Time

Building a Portfolio

Your portfolio is part of your life plan, designed to meet your requirements and target your goals.

Before we even think about building a portfolio for you, we work with you to create a life plan. This planning process allows us to understand your objectives, your need for income or cash, your investment time frame, and your risk tolerance.

We then decide what asset allocation is appropriate for you—what categories of investments should make up your portfolio. Our decision is based on your personal circumstances and preferences and tempered by our short-term and long-term views of the economy.

Asset classes perform differently, and somewhat unpredictably, in different market conditions. This is why we believe that global diversification is integral to constructing a portfolio—not only among assets classes but also within asset classes. By including a broad mix of investment types, your overall portfolio is more likely to provide stable returns without broad swings in value.

We select mutual funds and exchange traded funds with low fees so that your returns are not depleted by high expense ratios. We choose only funds that survive intensive analysis based on their track records, management approach, and prospects for the future.

The mix and balance of securities is designed to accommodate your cash flow and income needs for the near future as well as your desire for long-term growth. Your portfolio will evolve over time in response to changes in your needs and developments in the market.