Building Life Plans, One Client at a Time

The Accretive Difference

These days, wealth managers are a dime a dozen (perhaps less, when adjusted for inflation).

So why should you turn to Accretive Wealth Management to meet your needs?

First, we pride ourselves on our independence. We answer only to our clients (and, oh yeah, to regulators) when determining financial plans and strategies. We are beholden to no large parent company, we have no ties to proprietary products, and we don’t make markets in stocks or bonds. So you have our complete attention.

We can only succeed when you succeed. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why we work hard to address all your financial services needs, from financial planning and insurance services to investment management and customized pension planning. Whether you’re wondering how to put your children through college or when (or whether) you can afford to retire, we’re here to answer your questions.

Second, our clients include individuals, families, small businesses, trusts, and foundations. But they all share one trait in common: Each is our most valued customer.

Third, to help meet all your financial needs, we go beyond the typical stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs and give you access, where appropriate to unregistered investments including private equity and hedge funds.

Fourth, our strategic relationship with Advisor Partners allows us to provide a broad range of institutional-level investment strategies, including high dividend yield and tax awareness, with an added level of risk management and analytical experience.

Fifth, we’re proud to provide Sharia-compliant investments through Aperio Group, a leading and time-tested social responsible investment (SRI) manager that manages billions of dollars for clients, including a few billionaires.

Sixth, we work hard to provide you with other benefits usually available only from much larger firms. These include a personalized, secure web page on which you’ll find all your current accounts aggregated to measure your net worth on a daily basis. Of course, we don’t advise that you measure your wealth from day to day. We help you invest for the long term—while keeping in mind your financial needs and aspirations for today and tomorrow.

Seventh, we stress service with low overhead costs, which often means lower fees and a wider array of choices.

Finally, because each of our clients, regardless of size, is of tremendous importance to us, we insist on complete transparency, whether we’re talking about the fees you incur or the performance of your portfolio.

If you’d like to know more, please call us at 925-365-1533 or send us an e-mail at

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